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Just as a franchisor has set systems and procedures that a franchisee must adhere, we have a set of best practice guidelines that should be followed to maximize response:

Data Analytics:  Based on franchisor specifications and our recommendations, we will target a list of eligible prospects for recruitment into your business.

Target Markets: Franchisor should plan to target one to two markets for recruitment campaigns. In addition, Franchisor will work with us to help provide a demographic profile that best fits geographic areas.

Creative Design: We will utilize our in house creative team to write copy and develop custom creative for the franchisor recruitment campaign. Franchisor shall have consultative responsibility in regards to brand standards and copy.

Event Venue (location): If we decide that we want to put on events as well as one-on-one consultations we will target accordingly, events must be held in a private room within an American cuisine style restaurant. A buffet or sit down dinner must be served. The restaurant must not be located within a hotel space. Recommended types of restaurants include Maggiano’s, Dave & Busters and Cheesecake Factory. We will consult with franchisor regarding the restaurant venue and shall retain right of refusal on restaurant selected.

Event Venue and travel (costs): All expenses associated with the events (i.e. food, restaurant space, travel, lodging) is the responsibility of the franchisor) and is not included in the cost of this program

Webinars: Franchisor is able to select precise geographic areas in order to build webinars. We will send an invite to selected prospective targets and invite them to the webinar. The webinar must be held at least two times per week, specifically around lunch and dinner.

Recruitment Schedule: Invitations will be mailed approximately 22 days before the first event in the promotion.

Telephony RSVP Service: We will provide RSVP service for franchisor events. This service will capture the names of the individuals who are interested in attending the event. Franchisor will have online access to the reservations for all events. Live reminder phone calls will also be conducted 2-3 days before event date.

On Site Practices: Franchisor must undergo a fact finding profile and seminar success best practices conference call with our staff.

Additional Terms: We retain right to accept or reject any franchisor for any reason.

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