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Servicing satisficied customers since 2008

iDeaZone Marketing LLC was founded in 2008 when Get One Free LLC was merged into the new business model.

Since then, the Company has expanded into areas such as branding, website development, graphics, illustration, photography and marketing. Our marketing consists of many advertising and sales vehicles which include Internet ads, SEO, Social Media and affiliate advertising. Fortunately iDeaZone owns and maintains several prominent Internet properties, that offer our clients alternatives mediums, that can’t be obtained through other firms.


We specialize in the areas of website design and development, branding and logo design, traditional and digital marketing, graphics, package design, illustration and photography.


Website Design & Development

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Branding & Logo Design

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Product Design & Packaging

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Traditional & Digital Marketing

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Illustration & Photography

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Web Dev
Web Dev

Looking to promote your brand, your business or just sell online? We build beautiful websites.

Branding & Logo Design

Want to get recognized? A great brand makes all the difference and we can help build yours.

Package Design
Package Design

Want to extend your brand awareness?
We create unique packaging designs that separate you from the competition.


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Want to market by mobile, print, digital, social media, pay-per-click or even SEO? We do it all.


iDeaZone has been complete professional, and they did a tremendous job in designing our site. Bob Berendsen was a delight to work with. He made sure every aspect of the project was addressed with utmost importance. I would strongly recommend him. We are really really happy with iDeaZone!!

Amit S.

We hired IdeaZone to redesign our company website for a fresh, new user experience and to organize our broad product line in a way that makes sense for visitors. This site definitely appeals to our target market because the layout is so simple but very VERY effective. It is a clean site with a flawless look, which customers in our industry can appreciate. IdeaZone has been a pleasure to work with. Not only did they deliver a beautiful product, they are very responsive when questions arise throughout the process and always help to explain the next steps in the website progression. I am very pleased to develop this new partnership and have the support of the creative and technical team when we need them. We have received rave reviews so far on the website and I would highly recommend Bob and his team at IdeaZone to anyone needing a website of any size. 

Jen M.